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Looking at this picture one might ask "what does this have to do with math?"  The answer is we owe a lot of algebra and scientific insights to the Ottoman Empire; and lets not forget we use the Hindu-Arabic numbering systemDiversity and unity make the world a better place to live in...and that is what type of school we have, a diverse community of learners who, if they work together cooperatively, can each become more than any one individual could become in isolation.  Let us truly be a "Learning Community".

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Mr. Taylor's father in his basement art studio 2010

Vectors, angle, lines and arcs are also a large part of the
 Martials Arts...Math is everywhere!

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Seven Skills Students Need for the Future...

Read a breif synopsis on the Seven Skills Students Need for the Future. 

For you to be competetive and employable these are your goals.  Your "job" as a student is to get an education.  These skills are what the modern world expects and will require of an "educated" employee.

Tony Wagner: Co-Director of the Change Leadership Group