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Consider your projects and reflect upon the following.  Write the answers as completely as possible...use metacognitive insights:

1)  How did you initially think your bridge would do under the stress test? Why?

2)  Were your predictions correct? Why or why not?

3)  What would you have done differently when designing your bridge?

4)  Was your partner helpful in this process?  Why or why not?

5)  Did the follow-up activity where you built the virtual bridge help you to understand forces in a truss better?  What did you learn...try to list specifics if you can:



Thu, 12 May 2011 05:32:25

1.I thought it would hold under a lot of stress because it had two toothpicks to one dot.
3.I would not change anything about my bridge.
4.Yes, he was he put good ideas into the bridge.


demetrius williams

Thu, 12 May 2011 05:40:36

1.It was a success and yes because we double the toot picks and made it easy.
2.Yes it was because we look and measured the picks and it holds the most weight than anyone else it held 26 bolts and even then the drops just broke.
4.Yes we came up with a plan and a strategy and to make it last longer.
5.Yes I did that red was stress blue is just of the dark blue was the a little stress



Thu, 12 May 2011 05:41:59

1.I thought my bridge would do pretty well because I had never built a bridge so of course I thought it would undergo stress pretty well.
2. No my predictions weren’t correct because the bridge failed from the heavy weight of the bolts, it collapsed in the middle.
3. I would have put more tooth picks in the middle to keep the bride from collapsing.
4. Yes, my partner was helpful in the project, he helped me put it together and brain storm how to keep it from breaking into pieces.
5. Yes the follow-up activity helped me understand, because it showed when the tension and compression was a big deal by color and the bending in the bridge. If we where to build another bridge I think it would be better because I would know where to put the most toothpicks depending on the type of bridge I make.



Thu, 12 May 2011 05:49:35

1. I think my bridge would last longer than any of the other bridges because it is very strong .
2. My prediction was not supported because it didn’t last longer than the others bridges as I wanted to.
3. What I would have done different to my bridge is in certain places on the bridge push the toothpick deeper in the dots.
4. Yeah he was but has side of the bridge fall apart on us.
5. I learned that on a bridge have different pressure points .


Demetrius C.

Thu, 12 May 2011 05:54:57

1.I thought my bridge would last a long time under the stress test because of the amount of toothpicks we placed in one dot.
2.My prediction was not as correct as I wanted it to be because the toothpicks at the bottom of my bridge were not strong enough to hold a certain weight.
3.I would have added more toothpicks at the bottom and sides of my bridge to support a heavier amount.
4.My partner helped by adding toothpicks and dots and made suggestions on whether or not we should change the amount of toothpicks or dots.
5.The activity on the virtual bridge helped me understand that the compression and tension in a bridge matters with how you build a bridge and that you need to be accurate with the type of bridge you build.



Thu, 12 May 2011 06:06:48

1) I honestly thought my bridge was going to do well under the stress test because we made it very strong enough to hold up.

2) No, my predictions were not correct because our bridge was not strong enough.

3) I would have press the toothpicks in the dots harder so that they can have stronger connections.
4) Yes, my partner was very helpful because he came up with the ideas to try to keep changing our bridge design.

5) Yes, the follow-up activity did help me because it made me understand that I couldn’t just build the bridge how I wanted to every part had to be a certain way so that it could be strong enough if something road over it.



Thu, 12 May 2011 08:44:18

My first thoughts were that my bridge would be successful under stress. It had a great supported structure and design to be successful.

My predictions were wrong. Not because of the design failed but because the toothpick were not injected in the gum drops all the way and under stress it was easy to be pull out by excess weight.

The only thing I would have done differently is make sure that my toothpicks are fully injected into the gum drops before the extra weight is added.

Yes. My partner put as much in the project as I did the whole thing was a calibrations of our thoughts.

Yes. I learn so much with the virtual truss bridge. With the virtual truss bridge you get to see all the stress points and the strain was and you can keep working on the bridge at a quicker pace to get your bridge to work to its full capability.



Thu, 12 May 2011 11:37:24

1.) Initially, I thought that my bridge would be unbreakable because I added support on the bottom to keep it up. I really wanted to keep it simple yet elegant to combat against the stress and tension of the bridge.

2.) My prediction was unfortunately incorrect because it didn’t have enough support in the middle. My bridge middle was very weak and lacked the necessary things that I needed to add extra strength.

3.) When I design my bridge again, I would definitely put more supports in the middle and criss cross it so I could have more support in the middle. I would also make the pieces a little shorter so I won’t have so much tension on the longer pieces causing it to break.

4.) My partner wasn’t really helpful in the process because she was a weak-minded student. She was more focused on more of her and lacked her grade. I mostly did the project with a little help from my partner.

5.) I understood that a truss bridge has the forces gravity, tension, and compression. The color blue represented the tension and the color red represented the compression. I also learned that the virtual bridge isn’t as reliable as it seems because it show a bridge breaking or bending and wouldn’t be accurate. Lastly, I understood that the truss bridge is the most reliable bridge to build. It has the most support compared to a suspension or arch bridge.


Mr. Taylor

Thu, 12 May 2011 12:45:52

These were some good thoughts...

A few of you were a little brief with your answers. I do not think I need to call you out, just repost with some more detail if you feel yours is one of the posts I am refering to.

Look at the other posts of your peers...

Did you answer every aspect of the questions on your post?

Did you support your impressions or feelings with data or experiences or facts?

Could you be more expressive or give better analysis of problems or changes you would make?

Repost if you need...I will check Monday before I give a final grade.


justin arnold

Fri, 13 May 2011 08:53:41

1. I thought it would hold fairly well because we used a design that they use on real bridges.
2. Yes, our bridge held up really well but I thought it could of held a little bit more.
3. I would have made the joints on bridge stronger because our bridge failed because the joints came loose and separated.
4. Yes, because its always good to have someone else’s opinion when building something because they might see something you don’t.
5. Yes, it help me understand that you not only have to make a good bridge it also has to be not to expensive.


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