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timothy bennett

04/21/2010 10:54:55 am

work hard



04/21/2010 10:57:51 am

I performed very poorly on the practice ACT test. I'm not honestly sure if even have any real strengths in math. My weakness is definitely polynomials. I just don't get it. My goal is to dramatically strengthened my math skills. This way I can at least accomplish something on the ACT tests we will be taking.



04/21/2010 10:58:12 am

I think that I did good on 2 parts.The English was very easy.I also the math was a strenth but I can get better at a couple of things.Science was one of my WEAK spots.I need much more practice in this area!The reading area wasn't challenging but I needed much more time.Next time I will Practice TIME MANAGEMENTand Science!!!!!!



04/21/2010 10:58:17 am

I always feel the weakest in math, thats always my lowest composite score. I dont know how to stregthen my weakness but i think that just practicing and strategy will help improve my score.However, my highest is always my reading and how to make corrections part of the test was my best. I did those the best because of strategy and pacing. Today's test i think i did ok. I wouldnt say the best but i feel confident in what i was doing. By the end of the test the science was really easy to me, i flew threw it the best. I think i paced myself very well, but i think i could of did better. i always get good scores but my goal is for a 28 or a 30 .



04/21/2010 11:00:28 am

I performed very poorly because I had to guess on about 10 or 15 questions at the end of every section. But I think I did good on the math section of the test because it wasn't very hard. My strengths where using the caculator. My weaknesses were not abling to finish the sections without guessing.But I will try to work faster.



04/21/2010 11:01:05 am

I think I perform pretty well. I believe I did well because i took my time and read every question carefully. My strengths was in reading and math. My weakness was in science. I had to read each item more than once to understand. I will address my weakness by expanding my vocab.



04/21/2010 11:01:38 am

The ACT wasn't all that bad i think i did really good although i didn't have a lot of time. i think i did good in the math section and also in the scienve section but the part i really didn't get to finish and had to improvised on the last questions. if i was to take the test over i would do better because now i know what to study. i know that i well do a wonderful job the next wasn't as hard as people said it was....



04/21/2010 11:01:56 am

i did very well on the math part i have a well rounded knowledge on ALG i remember some part but then i forgot some like cos tan i didnt know how to use it overall i think i did well



04/21/2010 11:02:20 am

On the ACT ithink idid rather well on it. It wasnt as hard as ithought it was going to be. I had plenty of time and finished it all i was very happy (: my strengths was reading and my weak was the math and ican address it by practicin more and just take my time with it but ithink scratch that iknow I DID GOOD HELLO !!!!! lol



04/21/2010 11:02:56 am

I really think I did good in certain areas, like math and english....but on the reading and science part I feel i didnt do my best. The test was just as i thought it would be long and lots of My strenght was math,I say this because i knew mainly everything on there and got finish ahead of time. My weaknesses was science,because i really didnt know what they was talking bout on some of the questions and i had to guess. To address my weaknesses I plan to work harder in science and more practice !


Ezra backus

04/21/2010 11:03:14 am

Todays days test i think i did ok, i wouldnt say the best, but i did ok.I was lacking in some areas but in other areas i did very well.This was a good experience for me,next time will be even better.



04/21/2010 11:03:40 am

i am comment p



04/21/2010 11:06:41 am

Today was the day of the Act for many people,to some it was a breeze and to others it was the most difficult test they have ever taken. But for me it was kinda in between.Through the most part the test was just using common sense, i think that ill be acceptive of my Act result but i do plan on continuing to study for future test......



04/21/2010 11:07:05 am

On the ACT test today I think I did pretty good. On the test my strengths were the english and the math. On the english and math I managed my time very well and I completed all of the questions in those sections. I think my weaknesses were the science and reading. In those sections I didnt manage my time right. I will adress my weaknesses by making better use of my time.



04/21/2010 11:07:11 am

the Act was reallly easy i enjoyed all 4 sections because they were all simple i hope that i have over 30 on the act i loved the math and science parts the most idk why just enjoyed them



04/21/2010 11:10:41 am

i think i will be weak in math and to fix this problem i plan to study hard and volunteer at the board.



04/21/2010 11:24:27 am

I think i did good because i took me time to complete it. I did good in the language part and i did so so in history. The stragies that i will use next time is to practice more online and also practice everytime i get a chance. But overall i think i did good.



04/22/2010 5:40:34 am




04/22/2010 5:43:02 am

On the ACT, the language and math test I know that I did really well.
On the science test, it was much harder for me to understand. ways that I can learn new skills for the test next time is to study more, do a lot practice test and learn from my mistakes.



04/22/2010 5:44:10 am

I think that I performed below average on the ACT because I wasn't prepared to begin with but on the reading and comprehension section I know that I did well. My weakest area on the ACT was the science section.



04/22/2010 5:44:30 am

I think that I did very good in the math section but my weakness I would say was Science. I would say that I would continue to study and build up my levels in all of the subjects. But I believe that I did good ovall.



04/22/2010 5:45:17 am

When i first take my ACT i hope i do good on it. What i probably most need to study for is the science part. I just hope i score high.



04/22/2010 5:47:47 am

I think I did okay but i could have done better by preparing my self more. I believe I did well on the reading,literture,and science. The only thing that I needed help in was the math section and managing my time. It wasnt as bad as i thought that it would be but i know that im going to be sure to take it as many times as i can.



04/22/2010 5:48:14 am

i think that the act was somewhat challening,although there were some sections that i believe i did fairly well on. I believe that the english section was one of my strengths it was all about knowing writing formats and what makes since.math was partially difficult but i tried my hardest.furthermore, i believe that i have several things to work on,but i believe that i did well for the first time.



04/22/2010 5:54:44 am

I think I did way better then the first time I took the test. I made sure I answered every question and I answered it the best way I coul. I used every second I had. I believe my stongest points were the english and math. I will admit that during the math section I was starting to slow down and waste time, but I quickly perked up to speed and anwered the question. The reading secion was fairly easy it was just EXTREMELY BORING. I skiped to the reading sections that had better stories to me. Now the science section to me was the worse. I t was not hard, but more confusing I'll say. I think the science will be the lowest grade i get.



04/22/2010 5:57:09 am

The reading test was my strength, being that i love literature. I believe that reading and answering some questions is quite easy. My math ability was really good in the beginning, until they told me we have 5 mintues left. I tend to take my time on math to make sure i got it right, so i got to number 20 then had to guess the rest. Yeah, thats up setting lol... anyways science was my weakness. I understand that they give us charts to find the answer to the questions, but it was quite difficult to me. The wording of the science part is probably wat got me, they worded the question so diffcult that i began to blank out. But other then that my ACT test went good... (Hopefully i did good)!!!...



04/22/2010 6:05:20 am

Well I am a sophomore and did not take the ACT with the juniors yesterday, but I have taken it before. I did HORRIBLE; I fell asleep and was not prepared at all. Because I was sleepy I did not finish a lot of the sections I got a low score, an 11 to be exact. Next time I plan on getting LOTS of sleep and I feel that will boost my grades tremendously.



04/22/2010 6:09:15 am

*The ACT wasn't as challenqinq as I thouqht it would be.The simpliest part to me was the simpliest, followed by the science but because math is my weakness I dont believe I performed as well i desired to do. My itme management was pretty qud though bc when they said five minutes i filled in all the blankz && then read over a cople of them and chanqed mah answer tu tha correct one. i believe tha next time i take the ACT i will all ready know what to look foward to therefore i think i will perform bettah than i did this time..hopefully mah score is descent this time thouqh! Im kindah anxious to qet tha scorez back!!*:)



04/22/2010 7:06:47 am

I think that the test was even better from the first time I took it. I actually read the test this time instead of skim through it. I don't have a strong subject for the test because I think that they all had a advantage, and disadvantage to them. But, my worst was the english and science. Next time, I will go over strategies for those 2 subjects.


P_6 Carter_ J

04/22/2010 7:08:23 am

I took the ACT test yesterday. Overall I believed I did very well. However my weakness on the test was math and science. Literature and English I believe that was my strength.



04/22/2010 7:08:48 am

i think i did good on the reading test because i actually knew the answers and i didnt study the test and in the science part it was just goet the question off the graph wich i found to be pretty easy but i woluld like to get more practice at that but when the five min mark hit i was scared i woudnt finish but math was like ....alright half way the rest i didnt know



04/22/2010 7:09:58 am

Well I think I did good overall on the test. But I think my weakness was some parts of the math portion and some parts of the science. I said this because some stuff i just could not remember and on the science part the gargantuan amount of vocabulary words made me a little confused even though all it is is citing data to get the answers. But Overall I think I did pretty good.



04/22/2010 7:10:12 am

I think the ACT won't be as difficult as I imagine it will be because i just have to paste myself, stay alert be confident and read every question throughly.



04/22/2010 7:10:22 am

That ACT test was extra easy. I could've done a lot better if i remembered all the old stuff that was on there. The new stuff was horrible event though there wasnt really that much. I couldve done a lot better if i had studied like i was told. My best score is probably in the english or reading section. I was weak in science and math threw me. Ima do way better the next time i take it and hopefully i study!



04/22/2010 7:10:48 am

On the ACT...the math was confusing...i think i did simply ok..its just that i didnt do anything to prepare for it..but i know for a fact i needed help on the wasent the facttre that it was hard i needed help with formulas and remebering how to break certain problems down




04/22/2010 7:11:04 am

yesterday I took the act test and i feel i did the best i could. with further more practice i believe i can do better. I did the best in english because thats my strong point!



04/22/2010 7:11:38 am

I think i did good on the reading for sure. The math started easy until the last five minutes thats when i just quest on the last twenty minutes. The hardest part was sciences,normally im good at sciences but having to look at different charts for different questions in a short amount of time was difficult for me so i don't think I did that good on that part.



04/22/2010 7:11:48 am

When I used to hear people say their studying for the ACT I would shiver and whisper to myself, "Thank God its not me." But after taking it for the first time I realized its not that bad. The ACT is just another standardized test. It wasnt difficult, it was just a matter of finishing all the problems within the set time limit. I think I did the best on the english portion and the worst on the science portion. By time it was the science portion i was restless and couldnt concentrate any longer. And the graphs were driving me crazy. It made me feel dumb because I know how to read graphs but i didnt understand the questions. Next time I will have to study harder. But overall I think i did alright.



04/22/2010 7:12:16 am

I'm keeping my fingers crossed while I wait for my scores.



04/22/2010 7:12:31 am

Well first what I think I did oval-all is ok I quess. I was borinq but I got throuqh it. My strongest part was Math but my weakness was Readinq. I almost fell asleep on that part probably I hate readinq but I tried any way.The way Im goinq to improve my weakness is read much much more.



04/22/2010 7:12:53 am

Took the ACT test yesterday for the first time was very excited and felt real comfortable.The first part of the ACT was the English part which i felt i did really well on it was pretty easy.The math part was very easy at the begining like the first couple of questioins then it started to get very complex and i couldnt remember some of the stuff plus i ran out of time.The science part of the test was the easiest i felt because it was jus basically reading tables and charts.Besides running out of time aat the end of each section and having to guess on the rest of the questions, i felt i did good.



04/22/2010 7:13:40 am

I think my strong points were math and reading. I always thought that reading was my weak point but it was easy and english too. But i think i did well. Math of course was easy but i didnt finish all the way i guessed on the last 7 questions. Ummmmmm. i might of got in the high 20's but im not 100% sure



04/22/2010 7:13:56 am

The ACT was very hard but I do think I did good on the language. What really messed with me was when I was maybe on the 4th column and Mrs. Black called for five minutes and I just started guessing questions that I maybe knew. I then started to get fustrated with myself because that section was supposed to be my best part of the test. The math was fairly easy when I began but it got really difficult almost to the end.



04/22/2010 7:14:33 am

over all i think i did fairly well. the science section was difficult due to the fact tht it was so much to do in so little time.



04/22/2010 7:14:51 am

The ACT wasnt that bad, I just guessed B & G straight down. =)



04/22/2010 7:15:18 am

I think that my weakest was maybe the reading because it was timed and it really was hard reading it and answering the questions in the time given and just because of the time I missed a whole passage.the strongest was the first one with the fill in the blanks because you just read it and which ever one makes the sentence sound right it probably the answer. correct english was really it.



04/22/2010 7:15:55 am

I'm going to tell the honest truth...I wasn't prepared or ready fot that test. I didn't think it was going to be that long and I wasn't really paying attention to it. I only took it now because they were somewhat forcing us to take it, but I plan on taking it later in the future if I plan on attending college. I think I did okay. I wouldn't say I did good because on the last two sections I wasn't really interested in the questions. I think my strongest points on the test was the English and the Math and everything else I kind of guessed on. That's my honest opinion of taking the ACT, but I really don't want to do it again.



04/22/2010 7:19:36 am

The ACT... torture, i really mean it. It was not hard at all it was just to long. Sometimes i found myself contemplating the test and others around me to see the fear or lack of knowledge of the test. My strongest subject i believe was the comprehension section, but i don't know... lets see what the scorez say!



04/22/2010 8:02:11 am



04/22/2010 8:05:07 am

I Feel that i did well in the math section of the act. i believe i forgot some of the more basic math skills dealin widd fractions.



04/22/2010 10:50:32 am

The ACT wasn't as hard as i thought it was. I took it yesterday for the first time ever and i think i did rather good for it being my first time. The Math part, i think i did as expected if not a little bit better. AS for the science, im not going to spaeak on that.LOL!!!!! Overall, i could improve in my reading just a little bit but if im right i just might be in the twenty range if not higher. Good Luck to the rest whom took it and i hope you all willl be satified with your results.!!! <3



04/22/2010 10:51:19 am

When I first started the ACT I was kind of worried about how much i really knew. I think that i did best in the reading part of the ACT. The thing that I think that i did worse on was the sience paert of the Act. The thing that i would do to help my self on the next time i take the ACT would be to study more for the ACT so that next time i can be more ready to take the ACT



04/22/2010 10:52:18 am

The ACT felt like any other test. I think i did well overall except for the last part of science and some parts of math.



04/22/2010 10:52:56 am

i didnt take the act this year did it last year...............



04/22/2010 10:53:30 am

On the ACT test I think that I did great better than the last time I took it. On the science part of the test I think I did a little below average. However, I think if I study and focus I will do better.



04/22/2010 10:54:14 am

Reading, English, and math was ok.....that science had me trippin so i fell asleep on it... otherwise i did ok



04/22/2010 10:54:48 am

Took the ACT test yesterday for the first time was very excited and felt real comfortable.The first part of the ACT was the English part which i felt i did really well on it was pretty easy.The math part was very easy at the begining like the first couple of questioins then it started to get very complex and i couldnt remember some of the stuff plus i ran out of time.



04/22/2010 10:55:11 am

i think i did okay on the ACT test. i believe i did the best on the math part. everytime she call 5 minutes left, i will have like 15 more questions to i will quickly mark anything than go back over it. the hardest was the science.what i would do next time is not take to long on the question i will try to answer the questions quickly in a teady pace&study next time:-)



04/22/2010 10:56:24 am

The Act was for the most part was ok...I think I did the worst on the science test i pretty much guessed the entire test.To help me next time i"m giong to probably work with my Scince teacher on graphs because there was a lot . The english test was very easy for me ....



04/22/2010 10:57:04 am

i think i did the best on the math part of the test because thats my favorite subject and because it was not that hard
the part i think i did not so good on was the science part of the test. i need to move a little faster and stop moving like im not trying to beat a time. another thing is i did not get a good night sleep. and i did not eat breakfast.... so that might be another reason



04/23/2010 5:46:01 am

I believe I did way better on the ACT this time around. Usually I'm good with math in class but when I got to the math section on the ACT i don't think I did well. My strongest area would have to be English, Reading and Science. I improved on science because last time i got to science and i guessed everything. This time I closely observed the questions and looked at the graphs and I probably got my highest score in science.



04/23/2010 5:48:12 am

dude it was awesome dude the topics were very unique an nnot to difficult but i need to work on science an i felt awesome on liturature an the only thing tht got me was the time but overall it was awesome


P.1 Haywood

04/23/2010 5:49:25 am

The act test was difficult i wasn't prepared for the test. English was easy but math and science anmd hard. Next time i will be better prepared.



04/23/2010 5:51:36 am

I think i did very well on the ACT. The part i think i excelled in was english. Science was a challange for me and i basically guessed most of the questions on that part. But overall i think i did pretty good.



04/23/2010 5:51:45 am

well when i took act my weakest was the science because i didnt feel that i really comprehend the concept mi strongest was the math and reading but i felt comfortable with but yet a little sleepy but it was cool! =)



04/23/2010 5:52:01 am




04/23/2010 5:52:14 am

Some of the ACT test was confusing because mostly 83% of the teest was brutal. Thye math section was my weakest point but the Science section was easy. The time limit sucked a lot because ti was 1 min per question.



04/23/2010 5:52:37 am

i think da act was super hard most of the stuff on there i didnt even know what it was i was confused halfway through the test i think with a little more stydying and practice i would be able to successfully pass it.


Pd.1 Dale_S

04/23/2010 5:53:43 am

I felt great with the english, ok bout the math i did terrible with the science because i wasnt familiar with it. the reading i donyt know because we should have had more time with that section.!



04/23/2010 5:56:39 am

I dont think i did too good. It was my first time taking it so i'm really not dwelling on it that much. I was unprepared because i actually forgot we had to take it and therefore, i didnt study for it. I was kind of mad that i didnt get to finish the first part, the grammar and stuff. The math part was kind of difficult. The easiest one for me was the reading part, the last part of the test. Next time, i plan to be prepared and study for it, use some of the strageties they have in the books they give us to read.



04/23/2010 9:20:17 am

This has nothing to do with the ACT, but I did like the new tutuorials that you have. They helped a lot. They speak and write out the work for you and then present you with the practice problems. This is great to help you follow along instead of having to steadily stop and write notes. I liked these tutorials very much because they were visual aids. I learn better when I can see things.



04/23/2010 11:08:16 am

I am honestly a little concerned about how I will do on the ACT. I feel that I will do well on the Reading and Writing section. I feel that I will not do well on the Science and Math section. I plan to focus on the certain areas that I struggle the most in these subjects. I plan to stay focused on my plan and goal.


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