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Consider what you have learned about the organelles of a cell. What do they do?  Where are they located?  Offer up some knowledge about an organelle...look back at the comments of others and help correct any misconceptions, or add something new about an organelle...or the cell in general.  Let's try to make this blog the best resource we can.

Do not get into cell division or genetics yet...that will be a future blog.  Right now we are trying to create a body of knowledge about cell structure and function available for ALL and accessable ANY TIME :-)

Only formal language allowed and no inappropriate postings or personal attacks or ridicule...this blogging oppertunity is a courtesy and a privaledge...please treat it as such.  Infractions wil have ramifications.



    Mr. Taylor is a Biology Instructor at Carnahan HSOF  Use this blog to create a body of knowlege about Biology that is available to you 24-7


    April 2011



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