Math and Science with Mr Taylor
Mr. Taylor's Smartboard Lessons
Studens who have missed lessons, or want to look ahead, can check these lesson tutorials which are gleaned directly from classes taught by Mr. Taylor.  This is an excellent resource to help students with absence work recovery or enhance parental understanding for homework assistance.  These lessons are broken down by book chapter and section as well as topic covered. 

You will need this free program download to view these lessons onto your home or other off site computer:

Download Smart Notebook Express Now.

This is an ongoing endeavor which is currently incomplete but under development, so please understand if the topic you are searching for is currently unavailable.  As we continue in this undertaking all topics and lessons will be posted as they become available.  Other tutorials are available to help fill in the missing lessons which are organized topically on the Tutorial Resources page...which can be accessed by clicking link on left side of any page.
Biology Lessons: