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Use this page to assess your students achievement and progress.  Check on grades and current assignments completed, due or overdue.  Utilize the links below to search for the topics for which you are curious, or just contact Mr. Taylor via email by clicking on my name and I will contact you with a Student Access Code which will allow you access to this secured private information ASAP.  When emailing please leave your complete name, the student's name for which you are inquiring and a current phone number in which you can be reached along with times which are best for you.  All contact can be done by email if you prefer.  Please explore not only this page but the entire site to get familiar with the resources available to your student.
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Biology Syllabus
Trigonometry Syllabus:
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  • Ask about text book
  • Ask about homework
  • Ask about EnGrade
  • Ask about tutoring oppertunities