Math and Science with Mr Taylor
Practice Trigonometry and Pre Calculus End Of Course Exams
Click the following links and do practice EOC Tests.  Each one you do will result in a better understanding of concepts and bonus points for you if you bring me the completed work neatly done and showing all work as necessary.  Feel free to use the tutorials I provide on this site to help with diffiucult concepts.  Remember Metagognition is your responsibility but I provide you with many resources to help you with your endeavor.  Good luck and enjoy :-)
Instructions for Self Scoring Tets:  Take these and see how you might do on our EOC test.
After your test scores
   1)  Printscreen by pessing the appropriate key (Fn+F11 on our eMINTS laptops)
   2)  Open a Word document (right click and select new then click on Word document)
   3)  Paste onto your document (right click and select paste)
   4)  Name it by your formatted name which you use for class discussion posts (P#_Lastname_First initial)
   5)  Email document as an attachment to me to and recieve your bonus points. 

Bonus awarded only once per test ...
but try to beat your scores by retesting after using tutorials and giving it some study time.  Points are given regardless of your test scores so DO NOT CHEAT by asking another student who has already taken the test for the correct answers or by memorizing the correct letters and then retesting for a better score. 
This is for your Metacognitive and conceptual you will only be cheating yourself.
Recommended Links:
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