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What is it and why should I care about it?
"Metacognition" is often simply defined as "thinking about thinking."

We engage in metacognitive activities everyday...
Metacognition enables us to be successful learners, and has been associated with intelligence.

Metacognition refers to higher order thinking which involves active control over the cognitive processes engaged in learning

Metacognition, or the ability to control one's cognitive processes (self-regulation) has been linked to intelligence (Borkowski et al., 1987; Brown, 1987; Sternberg, 1984, 1986a, 1986b).

The study of metacognition has provided educational psychologists with insight about the cognitive processes involved in learning and what differentiates successful students from their less successful peers. It also holds several implications for instructional interventions, such as teaching students how to be more aware of their learning processes and products as well as how to regulate those processes for more effective learning.

Excerpted from a 1997 article Metacognition: an Overview by Jennifer A. Livingston.

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